MDC-T is a ‘satanic’ movement – Mnangagwa

Opposition MDC-T is a “satanic” movement and all Zimbabweans who voted for the party during the 2013 elections to seek “redemption from the Lord for supping with the devil”, Vice President Emmerson Mnangagwa has claimed.

Addressing thousands of supporters at the launch of the Zanu PF Mbizo constituency by-election campaign, Mnangagwa said the rally was necessitated by the mistakes, failures and miscarriage of leadership in the MDC-T.

According to The Standard, VP said the by-election provided a second chance for the people of Mbizo to break their partnership with the “devil” and vote for Zanu PF candidate Vongaishe Mupereri.

“This event has been necessitated by the failures, shortcomings and ugliness of the MDC. We have come to cleanse [you of] the sins of the MDC and these sins can only be cleansed by you the people. God is not happy that the MDC has chosen to work with the whites,” said Mnangagwa.

“I am happy that you have come here today to confess to God that you have sinned because of the unholy alliance of moving in the same breath with sinners in the MDC . –

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