Mugabe has failed: Tsvangirai

GWERU – MDC president Morgan Tsvangirai yesterday described President Robert Mugabe as a failure 35 years after assuming power.

TsvangiraiHe said the 91-year-old Zanu PF leader’s misrule has condemned millions of Zimbabweans to abject poverty.

Speaking at a rally in Mkoba attended by hundreds of mainly unemployed youths, Tsvangirai said the Mugabe-led government should be booted out for failing to create employment.

“Mugabe is a testimony of failure,” Tsvangirai said. “We do not talk about him anymore because his failure is there for everyone to see,” he added to wild applause.

He said under Mugabe’s rule, the majority had been reduced to surviving on vending.

“Today we mark 35 years of independence and we meet when the country has been reduced to mass poverty,” he lamented.

He said any government that presides over the unemployment of over 85 percent of the employable population should be booted out of power.

“We cannot say that we have prosperity when unemployment is over 85 percent. In other countries, governments are booted out because there is just 5 percent unemployment rate,” Tsvangirai said.

During the run up to the 2013 elections, the Zanu PF government promised over 2 million jobs, but has failed to deliver on its election promises. Tsvangirai said his party aided Zanu PF during the government of national unity to stop economic haemorrhage.

“Vending is a symptom of mass poverty,” the former premier said.

“There is no country that develops with vendors. We need investments.”

The MDC leader said government was set to retrench over

200 000 workers, a situation that would further plunge the nation into more economic turmoil.

Tsvangirai also took a swipe at the indigenisation policy, saying foreign investors would not dare invest in a country with such harsh laws. He also outlined MDCs job creation plan, JUICE, saying the policy will help create jobs and restore confidence in the economy.

The MDC leader paraded some party members from the MDC renewal team who included former Gweru Mayor Tedious Chimombe and former councillor, Trust Chineni.

“It is good for our sons to come back home,” the MDC leader said. “Let us unite and pick up the pieces left by Zanu PF.”

Chimombe and others left the party last year to join the renewal team which has since seen several of its stalwarts leaving.

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