MDC Renewal will not defend seats

HARARE – The opposition MDC Renewal Team secretary general Tendai Biti said he will not participate in the forthcoming by-elections to defend his Harare East constituency which was declared vacant after the Morgan Tsvangirai-led MDC pushed a motion to recall 21 legislators linked to the breakaway group.

Former Finance Minister and current MDC Renewal Team secretary general Tendai Biti
Former Finance Minister and current MDC Renewal Team secretary general Tendai Biti

In an interview Biti said the Renewal Team resolved that they will not participate in any election unless electoral reforms have been implemented.

“A decision was reached that participating in any election will be legitimising the Zanu PF flawed electoral process,” Biti said.

“We will not be party to it unless and until reforms are implemented,” he said adding “issues to do with elections have been a mockery in Zimbabwe and we will not continue to be playing into the Zanu PF tricks.”

“Zimbabweans are tired of stolen elections which get their legitimacy from the fact that opposition political parties would have participated,” he said.

Biti said there is need for a new look electoral act and a new voters roll.

“We, Zimbabweans, need to push for a new electoral act and a new voter’s roll. It does not matter even if the identification card can be used to vote like we did in 1980,” he said.

The call to boycott by elections is also in sync with the MDC-T who have said they will nor participate until reforms have been implemented.

The MDC-T resolved not to participate in the by-elections for the 14 seats left vacant after the expulsion from parliament of MPs who defected to the MDC Renewal Team camp, effectively giving away the seats to Zanu PF.

“Our position is clear. We have a congress resolution and we do not vacillate or blow hot and cold. We believe in sticking to principle,” said MDC-T spokesperson Obert Gutu.

“The national standing committee met and it was unanimously agreed that we have a resolution of congress and we should not be seen to be blowing hot and cold. We say nothing has changed in as far as the electoral playing field is concerned.” – Nehanda Radio

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