Makandiwa adds to Zimbabwe’s latest false prophet farce

A video posted on social media platforms by the United Family International Church (UFIC), in which believers are encouraged to sow seeds as a sign of a covenant with God for the fulfilment of their 2017 hopes, has stirred immense debate.

In the video, UFIC and Prophet Emmanuel Makandiwa’s spokesperson Pastor Prime Kufa encourages people to seed money ranging from US$77, US$770, US$7 700 and US$77 000.

“2017 is around the corner, what are your plans?

“It may be interesting to note that number seven is a prophetic number, a number of perfection which makes the year 2017 a year for your dreams, hopes, aspirations and all your visions if only you are willing to start it perfectly.

“In the book of Genesis when Abraham asks God for the surety that he was to attain God’s promise, God asked him to make a sacrifice as surety.

“In other words, God asks Abraham to cut a covenant with him as a surety that he will attain the promises of God.

“Now you too, like Abraham, may be questioning God that, ‘How shall I know that this year is going to be my year?’

“This is what God through his anointed servant, Prophet Emmanuel Makandiwa, has instructed you and me to do.

 “We are to sacrifice, we are to sow seeds, and we are to cut covenants with God.

“A covenant for the year 2017 that everything we desire shall come to pass no matter what.

“We are to sow seeds, we are to bring sacrifice for the year 2017,” he said.

Pastor Kufa encouraged people to seed before the dawn of the new year if they were to be blessed in 2017.

“People who want to be blessed in 2017 should sow seeds of up to US$77, $US770, US$7 700 or $77 000 or whichever way the spirit of God leads you.

“Sow your seeds in the multiples of $77.

“For example you can sow a seed of US$77 dollars for yourself and US$77 for one of your companies, US$77 for another company.

“For all the children under the age of 18 years of age, if you cannot saw US$77 for them, please saw US$7 as the minimum for each and every child,” he said. The Sunday Mail

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