Know your rights — Buyanga

HARARE – Zimbabweans in the Diaspora, especially those in South Africa (SA), must acquaint themselves with the country’s constitution, in order to avoid unnecessary harassment and an inferiority complex, businessman Frank Buyanga has said.

This also comes as tens of thousands of locals have suffered numerous inhumane acts and the maverick businessman himself has had run-ins with the South African Police Services over his  four million rand Rolls Royce, which was imported from Britain and deemed “stolen” by the Pretoria authorities.

“Even as we are here in SA, we form a (critical) part (of this society). We are South Africans, but whenever you live in a country you should always have the constitution on you and because when you have (that paper or document) you are virtually untouchable if you are moving in the right light of things,” Buyanga told CliffCentral’s Immigrant Conversation radio show recently.

Acknowledging that Zimbabweans remain exposed to such things as xenophobia and outright exploitation, the pastor-cum-rights campaigner said the South African bill of rights was essential in safeguarding immigrants’ safety as it “recognised foreigners, among other people living in it, for their contribution towards its socio-economic well-being”.
While it was possible to fight such injustices and prejudices that have affected quite a number of the exiled population, Buyanga lamented the lack of critical masses and the right passion or mindset to end such social ills.

“The only thing is that our… lawmakers do not take this preamble (and constitutional provisions) very seriously, and then we wouldn’t have to be dealing with many of these things that Zimbabweans are dealing with today,” the Hamilton Property Holdings founder and boss said.
“The difficulty is that there is no unity amongst the people and… we cannot drive the agenda, as we continue to be divided and ruled,” Buyanga said, adding it was unfortunate that “this syndrome manifested itself in many societies and across Africa”.

On Zimbabwean entrepreneurship, the self-styled financier and property investor said if people had the passion, push and drive they can still make it.
“Money is a figment of your imagination (and) a piece of paper that one can only get if they plan, and are organised. There is so much money, you just have to have a plan,” Buyanga said.

“I think Zimbabweans are people who are all over the world… (and) it is important to reach out to those people because they are as important as people at home. The Zimbabwean people are like Israelis, they are the most intelligent people in Africa and they are the best human capital (that the continent can ever have) and they will certainly create value wherever they are,” he said.
Meanwhile, Buyanga has told CNBC Africa that his appearance in the state capture report — around President Jacob Zuma’s allegedly cosy relationship with the Gupta family — was unwarranted and largely driven by “mischievous people”.

In defending the African National Congress leader, the controversial entrepreneur said South Africans “must not forget that there are some people who sacrificed a lot — for them to enjoy pap and vleis — in the struggle” and these included Fana Hlongwane, who was slighted in the report. – Daily News

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