Woman pesters ex-hubby for sex. . . Takes his clothes to prophets in order to save marriage

What if sex can bring him back? Great idea!That’s what one Sarah Mudenda thought of in her attempt to save her marriage but that was after taking her estranged husband Bernard Mutale’s clothes to a prophet for cleansing which proved to be hopeless.

Her sex plan as she confessed in court, was to visit Mutale at night for sex. That didn’t go down well with Mutale who in turn approached the courts for a protection order. In his affidavit Mutale stated that they parted ways after a period of six years as their marriage was bad.

“Mudenda comes to my place and takes my clothes which I understand, she’ll be taking to prophets. She will then order my daughter not to tell me threatening to beat her up if she told me,” his papers read.

Mudenda is said to be obsessed.

“She keeps calling and insulting me. As a result of her behaviour I no longer have peace in my life. She sometimes comes to my place during odd hours demanding to sleep with me,” said Mutale.

She didn’t dispute the allegations when presiding magistrate Abednico Ndebele gave her the stand.

“I took his shirts to a prophet for prayers and then threw them away because I didn’t understand the reason for our separation. It was just to save the marriage.”

Mutale made it clear that he no longer wanted her in his life and therefore they should share property and part ways.

The magistrate granted the protection order in favour of Mutale and Mudenda was ordered to stop calling and visiting him.

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