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Published On: Mon, Sep 5th, 2016

Pastor changes followers to cars, drives them

MOVE over snake and grass eating congregants, it’s time for Bulawayo’s flock that raves and moves at top speed like Honda Fits!

There are despicable happenings at Messiah International Church of God (MICG) where a pastor “changes” congregants into “cars” and then drives them at varying speeds.

Pastor Musa Nherero Khumalo whose church is in Bulawayo’s Iminyela suburb is no stranger to drama.

At one point he was reported by B-Metro for allegedly “killing” and resurrecting his followers.

This time around he claims to change his congregants into cars of their choice so that in future they can afford to buy cars.

B-Metro sneaked into one of the services and Pastor Nherero called on different types of cars and some congregants began mimicking moving like cars.

This service was in daylight on a Tuesday.

“If you want to buy a car, you are going to be a car,” he explained that they would not be receiving old bangers but instead, ‘the latest car, an automatic!”

In response the churchgoers cheered and clapped. Some began to enter spiritual states.

In order to fulfill this promise, he took some for test drives.

“I’m going to drive you now. You’re entering the highway. Those in spiritual states reacted to his command. We are moving at 60 kilometres per hour, now 80 kilometres per hour, now 100 kilometres per hour!” He continued building up the speed: “120, 140, 150! Move fast, move fast!”

Pastor Nherero concluded his promise of cars by indicating the make and model: “I’m calling! Move Honda Fit, move Honda Fit! Hallelujah, you are anointed,” he said in a high pitch.

The congregants seemed on cloud nine as they were made to believe that they would manage to buy cars of their choice.

Pastor Nherero revealed that he was shown in a dream that he was going to do great things and whatever he declares would happen.

“It will take people a long time to understand my miracles, but the Lord gave me powers to declare anything and it happens.

“In Matthew 21, the Bible says great things will happen and am fulfilling the word of God.”

Not everyone believes in him. Residents have in the past tried to get his church abolished.

“Residents of Iminyela once tried to get our church banned in the suburb because they never understood our miracles, but they failed. We do not belong to any Kingdom as many assume, but believe in the Holy Spirit,” said Pastor Nherero.

Interestingly, the pastor does not have a car and there were no cars parked outside the service to at least convince his flock.

Pastor Nherero’s spiritual father is the controversial Pastor Lesego Daniel who fed his congregants grass and petrol. – B-Metro