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Published On: Wed, Aug 31st, 2016

Goblins kidnap children. . . reveal they are on recruitment exercise

GOBLINS wreaked havoc at Forevalley village, Fort Rixon where they were reportedly on a recruitment exercise.

The strange creatures allegedly left two children dead and two others battling for their lives.

Following the circumstances surrounding the incidents, when these children were attacked, it became clear to the villagers that it was the devils’ work.

While pondering on what was happening, the goblins reportedly attacked a child and warned that they had come to take him.

The incident was an eye-opener forcing villagers to seek the services of traditional healers to root out the evil creatures.

“It was in the evening when I sent my child to the bedroom hut. He was gone for a long time and I decided to follow him and that is when I found him lying on the ground frothing.

“I alerted neighbours and when we were praying for him, we heard voices of people complaining that we had disturbed them,” said Sinini Moyo, one parent of a surviving victim.

The matter was reported to the village head Cain Ncube and villagers agreed to engage the services of traditional healers.

“Villagers suggested that we call traditional healers. Fortunately we heard there were some at a certain village and we invited them over,” said Ncube.

Since then it has been calm.

The traditional healers Sekuru Manhize and Sekuru Chinyaminya said they managed to kill the goblins.

“We killed them before they had attacked more children,” said Sekuru Chinyaminya adding that those killed would become goblins.