Government Fails to Disclose July Salary Dates for Civil Servants

HARARE — The government has failed to commit itself on July payment dates for Zimbabwe’s civil servants after struggling to pay June salaries.

According to Apex Council chairperson Cecilia Alexander, government representatives, who attended a crucial meeting on the issue and outstanding pay for some state workers, requested for more time to consult on the July salary dates before coming back to them on Friday.

Alexander said they also put government representatives to task because of the delayed June salaries for the rest of the civil servants.

“I think you are also aware that the government has managed to pay the teachers and the health sector but the rest of the civil service and the pensioners have not yet received June salaries, so government came up with the same position that they will be able to pay them on the 14th and the 19th respectively,” Alexander said.

But she said as unions they demanded that the dates for their payment should be brought forward at least to Tuesday the 12th July or Wednesday the 13th. – VOA

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