Protests awaits Obert Mpofu, Chinamasa in London

The Vigil, ROHR and MDC-T will be picketing a conference at which Zanu PF will try to persuade the world that it is reforming and should be bailed out with Western loan in the UK.
The Zimbabwe Conference 2016 will be running under the banner, ‘Rebooting and Rebuilding’ and will take place on Tuesday 5th July 2016.

In a statement sent to the media, ZimVigil said, “We will be outside the meeting to tell any prospective investors the real reasons why Zimbabwe has run out of money and why the world should be sceptical about any assurances given by the likes of Finance Minister Chinamasa, Minister of Macro Economic Planning and Investment Promotion Obert Mpofu (unaccountably one of the richest men in Zimbabwe) and Mike Bimha, Minister of Industry and Commerce. They are listed to speak at the conference along with Reserve Bank governor John Mangudya.

“We will hand out leaflets to delegates as they arrive for the Conference which starts at 9 am. There will be a break for lunch from 1 – 2.30 pm and the conference will continue till 7.15 pm.”

The Vigil said supporters can join them at any time during the day and it thinks it has the best chance of making an impression when the Zimbabwean delegation arrive. – See more at:

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