Stop playing the blame game, MDC tells Mugabe

Harare – Zimbabwe’s main opposition, the Movement for Democratic Change, has lambasted President Robert Mugabe, 92, over his recent remarks in which he blamed Chinese nationals for helping create the cash crisis in his country.


According to the state-owned Herald newspaper, Mugabe told a Zanu-PF national consultative assembly last week that Chinese nationals and business people were not banking their money, choosing instead to repatriate the US dollars they earned in Zimbabwe to China.

Zimbabwe has been struggling with a serious shortage of the US dollar, which the country adopted in 2009 when it ditched its own currency due to hyperinflation.

The nonagenarian further claimed that the Chinese were abusing local Zimbabwean women, as they did not bring along their wives when working on projects that ran for years.

Watch the clip in which Mugabe spoke below. 

But MDC spokesperson Obert Gutu took a swipe at Mugabe and described his comments as “reckless”.

In a statement sent to News24, Gutu said the ongoing “cash crunch” should not be blamed on the Chinese, but rather on the “rogue and insipidly corrupt Zanu-PF regime”.

He also urged Mugabe to stop playing the blame game.

“The time for playing the blame game is now over. The root cause of Zimbabwe’s socio-economic malaise is the Zanu-PF regime itself. Mugabe and his politically decadent and incorrigibly corrupt regime have wreaked havoc on all facets of the people’s lives,” said Gutu.

Gutu said that Mugabe always tried to find a scapegoat for his misrule.

He accused the veteran leader of dislodging thousands of white farmers whom he blamed for the rejection of the new Constitution in a referendum in 2000.

Gutu claimed that his party was working on finding a holistic approach that would help in rebuilding the country’s economy, adding that the MDC would devise policies that would end the “rampant scourge” of corruption.

“The MDC has adopted policies that will ensure that the prevailing economic decline is promptly arrested by clamping down on massive corruption as well as immediately repealing the draconian indigenisation law. An MDC government will promote the productive and sustainable use of agricultural land by all Zimbabweans regardless of race, colour or creed,” said Gutu.

Watch the whole Mugabe speech below :

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