Xenophobia: South African workers chased in Mozambique

South African workers from construction company, Kentz South Africa, hired by Brazilian company, Vale, mining coal in Tete, and some working for Moma Mining in Nampula were “chased” or had chosen to return home, a legal source said.


However, as far as could be established, there had been no violence against any South African worker in Mozambique.

“All South Africans working in Mozambique have work permits etc, so they are known to the government in Maputo,” said a senior manager working for Kentz.

At least two Mozambicans have died in the Durban violence, and about 400 have lost their homes. About 200 have asked to be repatriated. The first group of 90 left Durban on Thursday to return to Maputo via Swaziland.

In Zimbabwe, Simon Kaya Moyo, Zanu-PF spokesman, said the party was “alarmed” by the attacks on foreigners “including hundreds of Zimbabweans living in South Africa. Our president, RG Mugabe, recently concluded a very successful state visit to South Africa where a number of important agreements to advance our economies were signed. None was signed to promote xenophobia”.

Zimbabwe says its embassy staff in Pretoria would arrange transport home for any citizen affected by the violence in Durban.

Mozambique says citizens fearful of xenophobia in South Africa should go to Matola, near Maputo, where they would be helped.

Daily News Foreign Service

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