Zambian President-elect falls ill just before inauguration

HARARE – Zambian president-elect, PAtriotic Front president Edgar Lungu is said to be ill hence the delay to officially configure him as president.

Lungu was supposed to be sworn in today (Saturday) in the morning, according to the PF rigging plan but he fell in on Friday. See the communication from cabinet office below:

The ECZ finished tallying elections results to favour Edgar Lungu on Thursday night and were ready to pronounce Lungu duly elected on Friday evening but delayed after being ordered by the PF.

The fact that on Friday, UPND leader Hakainde Hichilema asked the ECZ to suspend the announcement of results to check and rectify inconsistent figures was just the excuse the PF/ECZ needed. Lungu would have been unable to go through the formalities of being sworn-in as he is sick.

Zimbabwean dictator Robert Mugabe, one of Lungu’s financiers jetted into Zambia on Friday evening in readiness for the inauguration that was supposed to take place this morning. Mugabe had been missing from his country for many weeks until yesterday when he returned from Asia but within a few hours flew into Zambia. Rupiah Banda is also said to have invited his business partner King Mswati of Swaziland for the ceremony.

To enable Lungu recover, the ECZ has been ordered to delay the pronouncement of Lungu as ‘winner’.

Lungu has not been seen in public from Wednesday morning.

When HH held a meeting with the ECZ to suspend the announcement of results, Lungu could not attend as it was this time that he was very sick.

Instead, Lungu was represented in the meeting by Davis Chama and the YAHOO boys who hacked in the ECZ system.

During the elections, a Nigerian prophet said that if Lungu wins the elections, he will die within a few months.

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