HARARE – Itai Dzamara was abducted on the orders of Local government minister Savior Kasukuwere after he was perceived as a serious threat to Zanu PF, a source revealed to The Zimbabwe Mail last night.

Mr Kasukuwere who is also Zanu PF Political Commissar is said to be running a parallel State Secret Service agency, the Central Intelligence Organisation (CIO) unit. According to our sources this crack unit also reports to the First Lady Grace Mugabe.

It is believed that Kasukuwere who became very close to President Mugabe’s close security through his relative the late director general of the Central Intelligence Organisation, (CIO) Menard Muzariri has been tasked with the secret mission eliminate perceived threats to the rule of Robert Mugabe, including in Zanu Pf.The head of Counter intelligence,Walter Basopo confronted Kasukuwere about this some time back.

Among those who kidnapped Itai Dzamara were Luke Chapinga and Floyd Kabadza.They demanded he renounce his activism in return he would receive $600 a month tax free and other benefits.Dzamara refused.They denied him food and water for days,electrocuting him on the private parts,he messed himself.

They beat him up with whips and fists and still he refused their demands.In a faint voice he told them they were his brothers and that they should not be doing what they were doing to him as they also stood to benefit from the removal of Mugabe.He told them he was fighting for everyones future.

They told him they only follow orders.Finally they took him to a bush near Norton.They tied his hands behind his back and forced him to kneel down.They shot him in the head.They had a drum with acid.His body was dissolved in acid just like what they did to Rashiwe Guzha.What was left over they covered with pitsand and cement.

One of the guys is being haunted by Itai Dzamara’s innocent voice he told a trusted colleague who informed our link.We have been burdened to share this information with the public but it has to be done.Our link is very very reliable and well connected,we sincerely hope it is not true,but by now he should have been back with his family.They no longer have him and that is the sad truth.

However there are African ways of getting justice like the family of Rashiwe Guzha and the Chokuda’s of Gokwe did.”

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