Tsvangirai defends ‘legend of the park’ pics

MDC-T leader Morgan Tsvangirai took to the social media to defend pictures of him surrounded by scantily-dressed women, saying they are his supporters and there was nothing amiss.


Posting on micro-blogging site, Twitter and Facebook, the former Prime Minister said the pictures were taken after he attended a party meeting in Gweru.

One of the pictures of MDC-T leader Morgan Tsvangirai (seated) in Gweru

One of the pictures of MDC-T leader Morgan Tsvangirai (seated) in Gweru

“Wherever I go in Zimbabwe, supporters ask to have photos taken with me and I have no reason to deny them a photo with their president,” he said

“I had photos taken with a lot of people in Gweru over the weekend including a group of ladies coming from our meeting.”

The pictures, which stirred debate on social media, show the MDC-T leader mobbed by scantily-dressed women, while he is all smiles wearing party regalia.

Tsvangirai’s political opponents used the leaked pictures to mock the former Premier and presenting him as a man of loose morals who has “an open-zip policy”.

But the MDC-T leader said Zanu PF should focus on the national disaster faced by millions of Zimbabwe due to the crippling drought.

“They should rather focus on the national despondency, suffering and a crisis facing the people, rather (than) scandalising a president who is accessible to party supporters. Where is a photo of your president after a rally?” he asked rhetorically.

Zanu PF politburo member and Cabinet minister Jonathan Moyo was among those who mocked the MDC-T leader on Twitter describing Tsvangirai as the “legend of the park”.

“My friend and brother @Obert Gutu (MDC-T spokesperson) what’s the official take on the sights of the legends of the park?” Moyo quipped.

Gutu took the same position as his boss, saying the ruling party should focus on the national crisis and not pictures of an opposition leader. But that did not stop Moyo from attacking Tsvangirai.

“Of course, his open-zip reputation is well known. From legend of the seas to legend, of the parks,” he posted.

Gutu had initially claimed the pictures were photoshopped.

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