African Union must help clean up CAF

We are soon going to be celebrating the bi-annual Confederation of African Football National Tournament. We are informed that this giant carnival is going to be held in one of the richest countries in Africa if one were to believe figures coming out of both the UN and World Bank. 

By Chris Veremu

CAF chief: Issa Hayatou

Indeed Equatorial Guinea has the highest income per capita in Africa. It is in the region of about and around USD 15 000 per annum. This makes their per capita income even bigger than that of China. This is 30 times that of Zimbabwe.

It is instructive to note that this country is still considered a third world country although the son of the same president has been making headlines all over the world with rogue thievery and primeval debauchery.

Was the son of the president, a president in waiting, we are told, not hounded out of the US, France, South Africa and other God fearing countries? Somewhere in its history it is said the sitting president murdered his uncle for the post. We are informed that both Transparency International and Global Witness have a somewhat unfavorable opinion of this president and his son. This is with good reason too.

Living standards of common men in the street in Equatorial Guinea is not much different from that of the poor neighbours of this very rich country. They live like animals like elsewhere in the continent while their president is throwing parties like the CAF tournament.. Should the collective leadership of the AU not be ashamed of this?

Here is a colleague who had an award he tried to buy from the UN for health, education or one of the social sciences withdrawn when there was an outcry all over the world.

The president was trying to sanitize his image with ‘ugly perfumery’ carrying three million dollar price tag. One wonders how much the CAF executive were paid to sanction the 2015 football carnival being held in his country. I suspect a few bags of smelly filthy loot was exchanged under equally dirty tables..It is no laughing matter.

The AU should keep its word like they did when they promised to kick colonialism out of the continent. This they did. In a addition it took a few short years for the AU to declare that those who substitute bullets for votes will not be welcome in Addis.

The AU spat on these mad vampires and refused to recognise them. The net result is pleasing. there are no longer as many coups and needless corpses as was the case ten years back.

To make this great rule even more plausible, the AU should insist those who came to power before this ruling should also leave office or give a concrete timetable to do this or be kicked out.

A two year grace period is enough. Countries like the Gambia and others whose leaders blazed a path via their citizens’ corpses to top office should all get the boot. We want to watch football, a clean sport being hosted in a clean country. Is this asking for too much?

The international media is awash with FIFA corruption ref awarding of the world cup to both Qatar and Russia. Qatar should lose hosting rights for employing slave labour to build the stadia. This movement is gathering momentum.

Indeed if the leadership of Qatar and Russia have ‘crippled consciences’ why should a suffering world be forced to cheer these rank miscreants invading their living rooms?

Russia did not do itself any favours by invading a small neighbour, Ukraine, trashing all know international rules and conventions. The world went to war with some idiot vampire called Saddam Hussein when he annexed Kuwait. Why is the world pretending to look the other way when this clowning buffoon Putin is doing the same?

Until such time that Equatorial Guinea hold credible elections in which criminals are not allowed to stand it should be kept on ice or on coals given geographical limitations..(it must be hot up there) That is all it deserves. It must not be rewarded with hosting the biggest party on the continent..It does not make sense!

The world appears to have come to terms with the fact that they can not pretend to be having fun sitting in stadia watching football while its legs are knee deep in blood of innocents.

Going to attend the CAF tournament is telling the people of Equatorial Guinea and other African countries their blood which flows at the hands of these blood curdling dictators and accompanying thieving pirates has zero value.

Football has become a strong social, political and economic sphere where friendships are made. Why should the world be asked to look the other way when murderers are entering the fray and pretend to be normal citizens? Footballers in Africa have led the way..We saw George Weah sticking his neck out to help his countrymen in Liberia.

We have seen Drogba entering the fray in the Ivory Coast to calm the waters during the mad Gbabo years. We have seen Yaya Toure and other greats making a great noise about racism..Does this not sound hypocritical when these luminaries decide to look the other way while holding their noses to avoid the stench of holding a carnival in a waste land called Equatorial Guinea?

With an Ebola outbreak in the neighbourhood should we not have listened rather to what Morocco was saying that lets deal with the scourge first before going to party at the carnival?

Would CAF and FIFA not send a better corporate message if they cancelled the tournament outright and used the proceeds for making the lives of poor communities in the three affected countries better?..Ebola is killing people within earshot of the host country.

Adding insult to injury we go out and award the hosting of tournament to a country whose leader is a known coup plotter murderering uncles on his way to top office? What is CAF saying to the children of Africa short of role models?

African children hold Yaya Toure, Adebayor, Essien and others as the epitome of success for the continent. Should these role models not be doing the continent a huge favour by refusing to go to this mad place? Why should they applaud madness which is out to destroy the image of the beautiful game?

CAF better watch out, we are watching them award hosting rights to a nightmare factory. Withdraw Equatorial Guinea from hosting the tournament or better still postpone it to a later date in different place. Insisting on playing this tournament in this evil and rotten neighbourhood takes the fun out of the tournament..

Why should the whole continent be forced to wash the diapers of this morally incontinent president in this manner? Africa must make a bold statement to these rogue presidents that it will not continue to be business as usual and our football is better off without them. – Nehanda Radio

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