It’s a great time to be Kidd Hunta

Zimbabwean design label, Kidd Hunta, is finally seeing a tonne of hard work pay off. Besides taking part in numerous fashion shows, including at the recent SA Menswear Week, the Kidd Hunta brand is getting a lot of publicity around the continent.

We’ve seen stories and features on the GQ South Africa website, and others. Towards the end of 2016, Kidd Hunta was nominated for the Southern Africa Best Fashion Brand of the Year Award at the Ugandan Abryanz Style & Fashion Awards.

To top all of this off, head designer and founder of the label, Tafadzwa Moyo was recently selected to take part in the International Fashion Show in London.

The copy on the Kidd Hunta website says it all. Yes, we know, people write a lot of mumbo jumbo pseudo-inspirational stuff on their websites, but if you read this text and lay it parallel to the actual work being done by the Kidd Hunta brand and the journey it has travelled, it will make you stop and sit down:

SA Menswear Week 2017 Schedule
SA Menswear Week 2017 Schedule

“The kidd hunta is here to take on the world with no apologies. With his spear, he aims and strikes true to his target. The story of this young african boy fighting is the inspiration for kidd hunta. He encapsulates an entrepreneurial go getter spirit with a uniquely African outlook.

With kidd hunta we bring the traditional values of bravery, courage and fearlessness into the modern world, and stake our claim. kidd hunta shows no mercy, but does so in a modern setting-with style. For the modern day fighter, a label which draws strength from a strong african past and runs courageously into the future – brave hearts never fail.”

But enough with the words already. You need to see it to really believe it. Here are images from the Kidd Hunta collection showcased at the Lexus SA Menswear Week in South Africa last week…

Kidd Hunta SA Menswear Fashionweek 02

Kidd Hunta SA Menswear Fashionweek 05

Kidd Hunta SA Menswear Fashionweek 04

Kidd Hunta SA Menswear Fashionweek 03

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