ZEC must independently acquire biometric voter registration kits

Recent reports to the effect that the bankrupt and faction – infested Zanu PF regime has, all of a sudden, managed to raise the more than US$17 million that is needed to acquire biometric voter registration kits are very disturbing. The MDC is deeply concerned about the improper involvement of the Zanu PF regime in the acquisition of the biometric voter registration kits.

The United Nations Development Program (UNDP) had, after being approached by the Zimbabwe Electoral Commission (ZEC),put in place the relevant logistical and financial requirements that would ensure a transparent and accountable process of buying the biometric voter registration kits. In this endeavour, a tender had been organised whereby all the bidding companies had an opportunity to present their bids through a process that was digitally operated from the city of Copenhagen in Denmark. After this bidding process had been conducted and concluded, ZEC made a public announcement to the effect that five companies have been shortlisted to supply the biometric kits.

For the record, the Constitution of Zimbabwe specifically provides, under Section 232, that the ZEC is one of the five (5) independent Commissions. This essentially means that ZEC should be getting its own budgetary allocation from the national budget for the purpose of running its operations. Put simply, ZEC is not a department within any government ministry and as such, not even the Ministry of Justice has the constitutional right to dictate what amount of money should be allocated to ZEC. ZEC is an independent Constitutional Commission and certainly not a department within the Ministry of Justice.

It is a public secret that the Zanu PF regime is bankrupt and indeed, this is one of the main reasons why the UNDP had been approached to assist in the acquisition of the biometric voter registration kits. It, therefore, boggles the mind how a bankrupt government would, all of a sudden, have managed to find the millions of United States dollars that are required to purchase the kits. Something very fishy and dodgy is certainly taking place here. The MDC is convinced that the Zanu PF regime is in panic mode and that they are not prepared to allow a situation whereby ZEC will independently and transparently acquire the biometric voter registration kits. In fact, the MDC has got solid and irrefutable evidence pointing to a nefarious and sordid agenda by the crumbling and fascist Zanu PF regime to ensure that only a company that they can manipulate will be awarded the contract to supply the biometric kits. The ghost of Nikuv is still haunting the nation of Zimbabwe.

We are not going to allow a situation whereby the moribund and corrupt Zanu PF regime will be allowed to steal the people’s vote in Election 2018.The MDC is doing everything possible to ensure that the biometric voter registration kits are going to be supplied by a legitimate and credible company and not by a surrogate company of Nikuv that is manipulated and controlled from Chaminuka and Munhumutapa Buildings in Harare.

MDC: Equal Opportunities For All
Obert Chaurura Gutu
MDC National Spokesperson

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