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Published On: Tue, Sep 6th, 2016

MDC Youth Assembly statement on terrorist attacks on the justice system

It is a very sad day in the corridors of all progressive forces and partners who have dedicated their lives and resolve to see a better Zimbabwe.

Justice shouldn’t be unjust. The conviction of our comrades today by a well known Zanu pf apologist injustice Bhunu for murder shouldn’t be allowed to pass without dissent.

Our comrades, Yvonne Musarurwa, Last Maengahama and Tungamirai Madzokere were today shockingly convicted for murdering a police cop with actual intent, while Phineas Nhatarikwa was convicted for public violence.

This should be challenged and dismissed as a clear molestation of the already compromised justice system. I am appalled, as few days ago Mugabe came out guns blazing on the offensive, intimidating and threatening members of the judiciary. Such despotic action, with no doubt will be detrimental to the independence of the judicial processes.

It is against this background that we dismiss today’s convictions as a predetermined and a culmination from Mugabe’s weekend regrettable maneuvers to influence judicial processes.

There is no doubt in our resolve, that the partisan judgement made today by injustice Bhunu, is meant to stifle and curtail the current hype of resistance among Zimbabweans.

Clear message to Mr Mugabe:

At 92 you are too old and you are dealing with a new generation. A person born in 1924 won’t stand the pressures of a modern world and a year 2016 generation. We have all the tactics to make sure you leave office this time around. We don’t intend to be a failed generation and will fight to the bitter end.

By jailing and unjustly convicting our fellow comrades today, you have just lit the powder cage. You should brace for more action until you release our innocent colleagues, they didn’t commit any crime. I declare a season of action, everyday, hour and minute should be action until they are released.

Its not about jailing, arresting, abducting or torturing victims of your ineptitudes who have arisen to raise their grievances,but you should address the grievances being raised. Furthermore, jailing people won’t deter or destroy the idea and the spirit that there must be change. We want a better Zimbabwe for all not for corrupt few.

Our strength over the years has been the ability to remain steadfast in the face of adversity. Comrades, friends and fellow countrymen, I urge you to remain determined and guided by our resolve. Let’s not be intimidated, #myZimbabwe is a dream to come.

History is always on the side of the oppressed .

National Youth Assembly Deputy Organiser Yvonne ‘ Magumbo ‘ Musarurwa – The YA stands with you every step of the way .They touch you , they touch the whole Youth Assembly .

Sooner than later the Dictator will Crumble !!

#This Flag

Happymore Chidziva “Leader Cde Bvondo”
MDC T National Youth Assembly Commander