Stunner pours his heart out

Following the social media drama between Stunner and Olinda again this past weekend, H-Metro’s NYASHA KADA (NK) caught up with STUNNER (ST) and he poured his heart out.

NK: What really triggered you to pay the divorce token (gupuro)?

ST: I paid my divorce token (gupuro) of 50c on Friday (February 10). It alI started when I was driving Vokal (his manager) to the airport since he was flying to South Africa.

Whilst on our way to the airport I started snapping (snap chat) that Cape Town we coming, of which I was joking. After that I got a phone call from Olinda asking me what I will do with the car since I was going to Capetown.

I then told her that I will leave it at the airport’s parking bay that I would pay for till the day I return, all this was a joke by the way.

She then told me that she was sending someone to get the car and I asked her the status of that person she was sending to come and get the vehicle.

I am her husband saka munhu waida kutuma achiti arikuuya kuzotora mota aiuya achiti ndiani, ari kutora mota yaani, saani?.

I was the one with our car, which means I was responsible for it so how then do I not take care of our property. It has always been about my this, my that, with her and honestly I am tired of that and we argued on and on until I just said I am fed up and can’t go on like this anymore.

NK: So what happened next?

ST: After I dropped Vokal at the airport I went to their house where I saw her grandmother and told her the story and the purpose of my visit. Her grandmother called her and she gave the go ahead that if I wanted to leave my divorce token (gupuro) it was ok, so I paid my gupuro and left.

I went to High Glen Shopping Centre and started having drinks zvangu. I start my usual business of snapping (snap chat) and I figured Dion was on snap chat and saw that she was doing some shoot so I called her up and asked to pass through where she was doing her shoot. When I got there, I was a bit tipsy semunhu aimwa madrinks.

She even asked me to come out of the car and come where she was having the shoot but ndakaramba knowing people say a whole lot of stuff. So I asked her to come inside the car, where we started chatting and she said iwe kuuya kuno uda kukonzeresa, ndozotukwa hangu and the likes. I told her kutukwa nani I am now single since I had paid my gupuro but she didn’t believe me, so to prove to her I told her to put me on her snapchat and that’s how that video got to Olinda.

I had paid my gupuro already before I met Dion on that day (Friday) and when Olinda went live on Facebook on Saturday. Her saying I was cheating with Dion does not make sense because I paid my gupuro earlier on Friday only to meet Dion later on.

NK: Does she ever say why she goes live on Facebook whenever you guys don’t get along?

ST: She says she has no one to speak to, so whenever she goes live she can interact with the viewers. She says as for me I can go to the studio and sing or talk to my family which really supports me.

NK: So are you saying she has no family to talk to?

ST: I don’t know I wouldn’t want to speak on her behalf or about her family. I am just saying what she tells me.

NK: After your first fracas, did you guys really try to fix things out?

ST: Yes, we spoke to people from the church, both hers and mine and they advised and counseled us, even relatives have been trying to fight for peace between the two of us. Tiri two tichitaura tinenge tichiwirirana hameno anozoita sei?

NK: So she is now in the country, to get her things?

ST: Yes she is here now, I don’t know who brought her home because I didn’t go pick her up at the airport. I don’t even know the things she is here to collect. As someone I was married to, she is even entitled to my things so I am just waiting to see what she gets and start from there. The house is leased in my name “Desmond Chideme” but if she wants me to move out I will. I moved from my flat from Avondale into that Greendale apartment because the family was now bigger, iwe unofunga ndakangouya ne satchel chete kwandakabva?

I sold my own car, a jaguar so that we could buy better cars, but she still goes on about ‘her car’. We bought that car together, test drove that car together, those cars were bought here in Zimbabwe. I did this as a married man who wanted something for our family. If she knew I had nothing then why did she accept me, I chose her she is not the one that looked for me. Out of all the women it’s her I wanted to marry.

NK: What about the huge sums money sent?

ST: Do you honestly think I will spend US$3000 to US$5 000 a month? Is that practical? Some of that money was to pay installments for the car; some of those huge sums were being sent direct to the owner of the car. Some money she would send me, money for grocery and the likes but I believe all this was being done in the name of love since we were husband and wife.

NK: Do you feel she takes it like you don’t do much for her hence her actions?

ST: If I didn’t do much for her, it’s not anything she mentioned. I did the best I could for her when I could. I would buy her flowers, birthday, Easter, Christmas presents. I would cook for her, basically what I could, I did for her. I think she is still holding on to my mistake in December which I admitted and apologised for. It was a mistake, and for sure it was. I also think the distance played a part, it’s not an excuse but I feel it did play a part.

NK: How long did you guys date before marriage, do you feel it could be the cause of your relationship problems?

ST: About four to five months, we knew what we wanted as grown-ups so after that we decided to get married.

NK: Some people say Olinda is doing this to gain popularity and a following?

ST: I doubt, she has no line of business that would want her to want to have a following of that sort.

NK: So what happened when she arrived home?

ST: Akatosvika ndichotogeza, my mother was there nana sekuru vakatura zvavakataurirana. I was not part of it since ndakabhadhara gupuro kudhara.

NK: Did you guys greet each other?

ST: Yes we did and I just speak to her when she asks me something otherwise if she is quiet I am quiet as well ndotoona hangu TV. I am not there for war if she wants to talk we talk, if she doesn’t so be it.

NK: Did you guys sleep in the same room?

ST: No we slept in different rooms.

NK: Do you still feel she loves you?

ST: I know she still loves me. She has been asking my friends kuti so what’s Stunner planning and so on achiri kuda here? Even when she arrived, we got to speak and she said things can be talked over and it doesn’t mean it’s the end, but I am done.

NK: So now that you are a free and back on the market, are you back to dating again?

ST: It’s not at the top of my list, I just want my career back on track and get right with God.

NK: Parting words?

ST: I just want to make it clear that I only have one child, my beautiful daughter; not zviri kutaurwa kuti I have another child elsewhere.

NK: Thanks Des.

ST: Anytime man.

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