Scramble for Cuthbert Dube’s job

Government health insurer, Premier Service Medical Aid Society (PSMAS), still reeling from a pay-scam that precipitated what has become known as the salary-gate scandal, is undergoing extensive restructuring amid reports of vicious internal fights, The Zimbabwe Mail has learnt.

Cuthbert Dube

Exactly a year after The Zimbabwe Mail removed the lid on then group chief executive officer Cuthbert Dube’s obscene $535 000 pay-cheque, little has changed, but insiders claimed there were acrimonious fights among top managers to take charge of the society.

“There is fierce infighting among top managers for the position of group chief executive officer which has forced the interim board to move in and scrap the position altogether. In the new set-up that is envisaged there will be general managers for the different units, but even those are causing serious fights,” an insider said.

“Even those who were part to Dube’s scandal have been retained and want to take charge. Nothing has changed and there has not been any change in the salary structure.”

However, PSMAS curator, Gibson Mhlanga said there had been changes to the salaries of top managers and more reductions are expected.

“After what happened last year, there were salary cuts and we are finalising a turn-around strategy for the society from which we are also expecting more reductions,” said Mhlanga.

“We need to adopt a salary structure that is in sync with the new vision of

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