Zimbabwe doctors are now on strike

HARARE – Zimbabwe’s medical doctors have began their strike over working conditions, remunerations and failure by government to provide a clear way forward to solve their grievances.

The Zimbabwe Medical Association twitted using @ZimMedicalAssoc shortly before midday today saying;

Regrettably the strike has started. It shouldn’t have come to this as this problem was brought to the ministers attention last year in May.

Mugabe’s government has been condemned by critics over its carefree approach to important issues while spending money and effort on parties and lavish lifestyle as epitomized by the first family.

Stanley Goreraza, former husband to Grace Mugabe had some unkind words to President Mugabe and Grace over their senseless expenditures at a time when the country is struggling;

“Why do we raise millions of dollars for a very rich man’s birthday when so many people sometimes travel tens of kilometers for a bucket of water. Why are poor people sometimes forced to contribute to the birthday celebrations of a very rich man? Taking from the poor and giving to the rich. And some of those who donate for the birthday celebrations are the rich who have nothing when the poor cry out but are quick to bring out their purses for a rich man.

We spend millions on birthdays and diamond rings when some schools have no roofs and desks and those learning there have nothing in their stomachs,” Goreraza said early today.

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