UT Medical sends team to Zimbabwe

On Saturday, nine members of UT Medical Center’s trauma team left Knoxville to take their knowledge and experience overseas.


The team, which includes three trauma nurses and two trauma surgeons, embarked on a two-week trip to Zimbabwe. There, they will train doctors and nurses for advanced trauma situations.

The trip will be the first time Advanced Trauma Care for Nurses training will be offered to nurses in Africa, and only the third time Advanced Trauma Life Support training will be offered to doctors in Africa.

Not only will UT’s staff train Zimbabwe’s medical personnel, but they will also certify them to teach the courses themselves, hoping to create an impact across the continent.

“Trauma is a big thing they deal with in Africa,” one of the team members said. “If we teach trauma care and how to care for the patients in the first 24 to 48 hours, it’ll give them a better idea of what to do. It’ll save lives that way.”

Uganda’s minister of health will be there to observe, and the program could spread into south and central Africa.

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