Kasukuwere faces bleak future as rivals seek to claim scalp

HARARE – The Zanu PF enemies of the party’s under-siege national political commissar, Saviour Kasukuwere, are raining in deadly blows and ratcheting up their fierce assault on him all round — making his political future in the warring former liberation movement look increasingly tenuous.

This comes as it was confirmed to the Daily News yesterday that his home province of Mashonaland Central has now officially submitted its report to the party’s all-powerful politburo — recommending the under-fire Local Government minister’s censure.

At the same time, Kasukuwere’s determined foes are also calling for his immediate resignation from his influential position of political commissar, ahead of the party’s campaigns for next year’s make-or-break national elections.

Well-placed sources who spoke to the Daily News yesterday claimed that other provinces were also compiling dossiers alleging a slew of “sins” on Kasukuwere’s part, including charges of creating parallel structures and planning to topple President Robert Mugabe.

And while Kasukuwere appeared to have been given a stay of execution by Mugabe at last week’s politburo meeting in Harare, following the wily nonagenarian’s warning to his followers not to use demonstrations to air their grievances, it emerged at the weekend that the exuberant politician who is nicknamed Tyson for his combative approach to politics remained on the ropes in the party.

This was evidenced by the decision by his home province to formally submit to the politburo its recommendations for disciplinary action to be taken against him and his brother Dickson Mafios.

The sources who spoke to the Daily News said this had happened after Mashonaland Central had held two meetings last week, in the aftermath of the demonstration which was held in Bindura against the two brothers a fortnight ago.

Zanu PF spokesperson, Simon Khaya Moyo, would neither confirm nor deny yesterday that the politburo had received the letter.

“They (such letters) don’t come to me … they go to the secretary for administration, (Ignatius) Chombo. So, talk to … Chombo and he will be able to help you with that one,” the cagey Khaya Moyo said.

Repeated efforts to reach Chombo were unsuccessful.

But Mashonaland Central Provincial Affairs minister Martin Dinha — who last week claimed that he had received death threats for publicly calling for Kasukuwere’s ouster — piled further pressure on his party senior yesterday, asking him to resign forthwith.

“I advise the comrades (Kasukuwere and Mafios — who is acting party chairperson in Mash Central), in the interests of the party, to voluntarily step aside.

“… (Eunice) Sandi Moyo and … Sarah Mahoka were brave enough to see reality and made wise choices to resign. It is not personal or subjective.

“The necessary organs of the party must act to address the grievances raised by the people of Mashonaland Central and Zimbabwe at large. I think the writing is on the wall for my fellow comrades and friends (Kasukuwere and Mafios),” Dinha said yesterday.

“They must not cost the party votes and must seriously introspect and see that their leadership style and bullish characters, as well as their politics of division, nepotism, factionalism and shallow hatred have brought the current state of affairs.

“Put figuratively, a salesman or woman must be able to sell the product for his company. When he or she can no longer do so, or clients have lost faith in the sales team, the shareholders or management must find another sales team to increase sales and profits, to win market share.

“Zanu PF must act fairly but decisively on this matter,” Dinha thundered further.

This comes after Kasukuwere recently suffered the surprising spectacle of witnessing demonstrations against him in his home province, as angry supporters demanded, among other things, that the party recalls him on bizarre charges of attempting to unseat Mugabe.

After the demonstration, the protesters handed a petition to Martin Mavhangira, who is a member of the Zanu PF central committee, for onward transmission to Mugabe, demanding that the nonagenarian fires Kasukuwere from the troubled party.

Zanu PF insiders have previously claimed that Kasukuwere is one of the kingpins of the party’s Generation 40 (G40) faction, which is rabidly opposed to Vice President Emmerson Mnangagwa succeeding Mugabe.

The Bindura demonstration against Kasukuwere and Mafios was followed by further gatherings in the Midlands and Masvingo provinces, where several other bigwigs were also targeted, including both serving and former ministers.

The demos also came two weeks after cracks emerged in the influential women’s league which is headed by powerful First Lady Grace Mugabe, which recently expelled from its ranks Sandi Moyo and the vocal Mahoka.

The duo resigned from their posts in the key party wing ahead of last Wednesday’s politburo meeting in Harare.

Dinha last week twisted the knife into Kasukuwere and Mafios when he said he supported disciplinary action against the two heavyweights.

“The grievances against Kasukuwere and Mafios and their cabal are serious, and warrant the principal, … Mugabe, to take special note, and the party to take appropriate disciplinary action.

“In all honesty, I feel the NPC (national political commissar) and his brother brought this on themselves and they can’t blame me or others or the president and Amai Dr G Mugabe, as I hear they are now doing.

“They brought into the fray politics of division and factionalism, and regarded everyone with alternative views and opinions as enemies,” Dinha said then.

Observers have also previously said Mugabe’s failure to resolve Zanu PF’s succession riddle is fuelling the party’s deadly infighting.

Zanu PF is currently divided into two bitterly-opposed factions, the G40 and Team Lacoste (Mnangagwa backers).

The 93-year-old has studiously refused to name a successor, insisting that the party’s congress has that mandate to choose a person of their own choice.

Analyst also told the Daily News yesterday that recent developments, including the resignations of Mahoka and Sandi Moyo, as well as the growing attacks on Kasukuwere, have serious negative ramifications on the G40 faction — with the camp’s future lying in the hands of Mugabe.

“Kasukuwere’s fate ultimately lies in Mugabe’s hands. The G40 faction may be down, but it is not out at this point.

“It is premature to write an obituary for the G40,” political analyst, Dewa Mavhinga, said. – Daily News

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