Olinda explains Stunner reunion

Olinda Chapel is back at it again, justifying recent leaked pictures of her shopping with ex-husband, Stunner, an action that left many people confused on whether the two were back together again or not, especially in light of their ugly break-up.

The two have been involved in fights after it emerged that Stunner had been cheating.

Stunner responded by releasing a track featuring Guspy Warrior ‘Ndoenda’ which also insinuated that he was done with his union with Olinda.

Eye Brows were raised however when Stunner who was in the UK for a live show had pictures circulating on social media shopping with his ex-wife Olinda, and the latter also hosting the show that the rapper had in Leicester on March 31.

In response to the criticism and questions raised, she said her and Stunner were just people in good books.

“It’s okay that people can actually be friends and stay in good books, can’t we do that and is it not possible for people to do that?” questioned a seemingly annoyed Olinda, in a video clip posted on YouTube.

She also denied being in any polygamous marriage with the rapper as was being suggested by people saying when she was in the marriage, she was the only official wife who was there.

“I am not in any polygamous marriage because as far as I am concerned the only person who was married is me. The rest even if you go and ask Ambuya Chideme (Stunner’s mother), I don’t think she even knows them,” she ranted.

This without doubt has fuelled more speculation that the two could in fact be back together, based on Olinda’s firmness in dismissing people’s views.

Meanwhile, there has been reports that Stunner has also aired the same sentiments with Olinda emphasizing that he was once married to the socialite and as such their friendship continues given the fact that they have strong family ties from their embattled marriage. – Zimbojam

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