Charamba savages Jonathan Moyo

“MINISTER Jonathan Nathaniel Moyo, the Professor: leave those scurrilous and thoughtless 140-letter tweets,” a public media columnist widely believed to be President Robert Mugabe’s spokesman George Charamba wrote in his latest article Saturday.

Charamba, or Nathaniel Manheru – his pseudonym – told higher education minister Prof Moyo to instead “build and organise real knowledge, without doubt always your forte, your competence!

“Not this dabbling in Zanu PF succession politics you know you will not win.”

Charamba and Moyo are reportedly key members of the rival succession factions in the ruling Zanu PF party. The presidential spokesman backs vice president Emmerson Mnangagwa who faces opposition from the so-called G40 faction with which Moyo is associated.

In his column, Charamba said Moyo is not qualified to involve himself in the increasingly bitter Zanu PF fight over succession of Mugabe who is 93 this year.

He wrote: “Chine vene vacho chinhu ichi (this is a matter above your pay grade) and you won’t be there when great questions of the day are settled mumatare avo! (in the right for a) Too young, too small, simply a late arrivant, my good soul-mate!”

The succession squabble took a farcical turn recently after Mnangagwa, who was then acting president, was seen holding a coffee mug inscribed ‘I’m the boss’ during a party at his Zvishavane over Christmas.

The party, rivals claimed, was in fact a strategy meeting attended by military generals, top Mnangagwa allies including critics of Mugabe who have either been expelled or suspended from the ruling party.

However, the vice president’s allies laughed off the charge, accusing the likes of Prof Moyo of “seeing  treason in a coffee mug”.

Charamba told Moyo: “You, me, all others like us, must do what we know and do best: quietly remake our worlds by remarking the knowledge that animates and moves them.

“Not this shallow debate about a “mug” and a “boss”! As if President Mugabe ever drinks from a mug, let alone called or known by the awkward appellation of “Boss”.

“Not even fragile, hypersensitive at all to be bothered by such stuff! Not the man I know.

“Rather than seeking to remake him through our small thoughts and inane sensitivities, let us remake and deal with great issues he has assigned us: organising higher knowledge, in your case.”

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