UK Care Worker threatens suicide over Harare dance-hall scum

Stunner’s wife Olinda Chapel was live on facebook social media this  afternoon threatening to commit suicide after she was cheated countless times.

Stunner and Olinda

Stunner and Olinda

Stunner, real name Desmond Chideme is officially married Olinda married on Sunday, 3 April 2016

( crying) …sigh…
It’s all right, I have got an audience and I want you to call anybody and everybody that you want on this platform. And people gona say whatever they wan

Munhu anonzi Desmond Chideme is as ass kusvika kwekupedzesera. And I don’t care how this video is going to destroy my life But how can I, ndinoshanda I work 24/7 and I do not steal. For a man taking my stuff giving giving it kuvana vadiki

Right now I am fuming, I am angry. I am disappointed in this man. The whole world told me kuti siyana nemurume uyu. The whole world came to me kuti he is an ass. But I stood by him but stood.

I gave him everything from the beginning to the end. The shit I get from his is that anotora zvinhu zvangu achinopa vamwe vanhu. He takes all the staff, anotora zvinhu zvangu and give it to any other people.

Hutsinye hwakaita sei ihwowho. Everyone know how hard his And I lifted that man up and get what in return.

This is my house in Zimbabwe, this is my house in Zimbabwe. He brings his little girlfriends in to the house, imba yandinobhadhara only for me to find out.

A whole year people told me. From day one ndichiudza kuti Desmond Chideme Siyana naye but I never listened to anybody.

I stood by that man. I protected him. I did every single thing for him. I dint from my own hard work. People that know me know me. And I get this nonsense in return.

This man never had a headboard, this is me buying a US$3 000 kuti tirare on a comfortable place and ma girlfriends ake leave these dirty (phone cover) Magirfired achisiya

Todays is the day I am going to let all my dirty laundry hang. Ndikuzviburitsa zvese
Within a month, munhu  anga adhumirisa a US$ 40 000 car  I paid for his birthday. I couldn’t say it because the day I bought it was the day my mother died. It is me who bought the Lexus and that is a limited edition he was driving. I paid for the Mercedes he is driving right now, thinking that I was building my husband.

These girls see all this and don’t realize it’s me maGiuseppe ese aanenge akapfeka is me, maValentino ese aanopfeka is me, from the Versace and guccis, the jacket he was wearing at the Hip-hop awards he was voted as best dressed, I’m the one who picked it and what do I get in return? Kuhurirwa shuwa with 19 and 20 year olds? This is not a joke. This is the last thing far from being a joke. Munhu wese told me that he was an ass, kuti akazoita so. But I supported this man.

I am not here to hurt. This guys is out there as if life yake. Anga asina kana sofa kana chii and he does that

I threw that album launch for him, I flew in Sir Ford, I paid for drinks to everything. I paid for everything ku Pablos ku launch. But for him to hurt me like this, what for. And my life being riddled on internet because of him. Being told she is fat, she is this and what note. What for.

I know you are saying fight your battles in the prayer room. All these people who you are sharing the problem. I want to hurt this guys .Pretending like life is all good and on top of the world, when it was me

This guy couldn’t even afford to pay to pay rent. Anga asina kana sofa kana chinhu and I thought I was building this man. Blaming me

Ndinawo ma recordings I can’t date this fat girl, and my life was being riddle on the internet that she fastest girl in the club. Nhasi I am the fattest girl in the club

I went for cosmetics surgery a three to four weeks trying to do it for him, trying to make this man happy. I almost died. You guys don’t feel my pain, hamuzive kurwadziwa kwangu. You guys are clues.

You are far and beyond from what I have gone through. And he does shit on me life and blaming me to make matters worse.

I am good woman, I am good woman.  I am a good woman Nyika yese yakandiudza. Munhu wese akandiudza ikati Stunner wako uyu. Vanhu vakandiudza kuti Desmond wako uyu. Vakandiudza kuti Desmond. I did nothing but support this man. I did nothing but to support this guy. I did nothing kubvira day one

From the Audi he was driving, Kupinda mu Lexus kupinda, to the Mercese Benz yaanofamba nayo right now. Hembe , bhutsu this guy has everything, I did everything for him.

I have been paying school fees for this man for over a year. I treated his girl r as if I was taking care of my own kids. Then this guy treats me like I am nothing. And treats me like I am shit, like hameno.

My own family went against me. Some of them don’t even speak to me because of this man. Vachindiudza kuti siyana naye. Ndikati no you guys siyanai nye makatadza kumunzwisisa. Only for me to get this, this cheating and lying and this what note.

This man wants to destroy my life. Muudze kuti hanzi na Olinda that you have destroyed me to the last. And it’s going to end here today and I am tired of this man and I am really tired of him. ..I am tired (crying).

This is not about being a celebrity or anything. This is real life. This is real life. You think its attentions seeking. Have you ever have done nothing but to support.

The whole world was telling me to stay away from him, the whole world.
… stay away, ibvai chingondisiyai ndife.” H-metro

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