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Published On: Sun, Aug 21st, 2016

Chamisa says he would like to see government ministers travelling in Honda Fits

Movement for Democratic Change vice-president Nelson Chamisa last week said he would like to see government ministers travelling in Honda Fits or Toyota Raums instead of 4 X4s because of the current funding problems.

Deputy Public Service Minister Tapiwa Matangaidze said since Chamisa who had just been appointed vice-president of his party was so eager to work, the government would look into his suggestions and see those that made sense.

Chamisa made the suggestion during Question Time on Wednesday.

Q &A:

*HON. CHAMISA: Thank you Mr. Speaker. My supplementary question is directed to the Hon. Minister of Public Service, Labour and Social Services. I read in the newspaper a few weeks ago and observed that Hon. Magufuli from Tanzania, upon realising that they were having funding problems, have come up with austerity measures. Among these, is that 4 X 4 vehicles should not be used by Government Ministers.

If you want to individually buy yourself one, that is okay and also that when you travel, you should no longer be in business class. Are we also going to foresee a situation where we are not going to have new 4 X 4 vehicles purchased for you as well as Hon. Members; that we will not have luxury vehicles so that we could be travelling in Honda Vitz vehicles?  We would want to see Hon. Gumbo riding in a Honda Vitz or Hon. O. Mpofu in a Toyota Raum. Are we likely to see such a situation Hon. Matangaidze?

*HON. ENG. MATANGAIDZE: Thank you Mr. Speaker Sir. These are suggestions that are being given to us by the Vice President of MDC-T, Hon. Chamisa. He is a newly appointed Vice President, so I think he is eager to work. The Government is going to look into the suggestions and see those making sense. We will then adopt those. I thank you.