Gloves are off: Grace labelled witch at MP’s funeral (Audio)

KADOMA-Zanu PF Mashonaland West Political Commissar, Simon Solomon on Thursday branded First Lady Mugabe A ‘ witch ’ while giving a speech at the Funeral of late MP for Kadoma Joan Tsogorani.

Grace Mugabe 's victim Joan Tsogorani

Mr Solomon falling short of naming Grace was speaking at Kadoma Central Cemetery when he  said in shona “Hakuna unoziva kufa kwemunhu. Pachikaranga ukaramba uchingoti  uchaona uchaona, ndiwe muroyi.Ukaramba uchingoshungurudza vanhu.Iwe woga ndiwe wamwari?Iwe woga ndiwe une Birth certificate romusangano? Uye Iwe woga  ndiwe unovenga marudzi? Iye iwe wega ? Ah Zviri nani mutidzinge  kuzvigaro, tigare kumba kwedu tinevana vedu.Munozotiuraireiko?”

(It is only God who knows the time when someone is supposed to die..In our culture, we say if keep warning a victim, you are the witch.You keep troubling people. Are you the only God’s being?  Are you the only one with Zanu PF party Birth Certificate? You hate everyone.Only you? Its better for you to sake us from party positions so we can stay at home  with our kids. You can kill us there, instead of rallies)

“Following the attack on her, she fainted and was ferried to her car and rushed to hospital where doctors said her blood pressure had shot to dangerous levels, she became completely blind since then,” ZANU-PF sources said.

It was at the same function at which Grace was launching a housing programme, where she said the country’s Vice Presidents Emmerson Mnangagwa and Phelekezela Mphoko take notes when she is addressing them.

Ziyambi, who is related to President Mugabe, and Tsogorani had allegedly tried to block Grace’s trip to Kadoma where she launched a housing project.

All people who have been verbally attacked by Grace have lost their posts both in ZANU-PF and the government. – The Zimbabwe News Live

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