How much has Drake earned from Spotify?

Spotify have stated they pay their artists royalties on average £0.004-£0.006 per stream. So with 4.7 billion streams in 2016, the rapper is likely to have received an estimated $33,840,000. according to Spotify Calculator. However, the payments will extend to the record label, publishing companies, producers, featured artists with listed credits on Drake’s songs and, of course, Spotify itself.

Drake Views album
Drake released his fourth studio album Views in April 2016Cash Money/Republic

Many artists have spoken out against Spotify over their royalty payment rates with pop star Taylor Swift deciding to pull her entire catalogue from the service in 2014. In fact, Drake waited two weeks to stream his album Views on Spotify due to an exclusive deal with Apple Music. It is rumoured that Drake’s contract with Apple Music is worth a lucrative $19m so the rapper has undoubtedly capitalised majorly from his new releases.

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