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Published On: Thu, Sep 15th, 2016

Thug dancehall singer Lady Squanda sneaks back into Zimbabwe

Comedian Abra Skimbo (real name Tatenda Albert Matika of the Ziso regondo TV fame) is a bitter and aggrieved man. This follows the return of his assailant Sandra Gadzi, popularly known as Lady Squanda.

In July this year, Lady Squanda together with a group of friends waylaid the comedian and violently attacked him before asking him to lick the bottom of Squanda’s foot. This saga went viral in the public domain after Squanda released the videos on social media. This act attracted a nationwide condemnation as people took to various media platforms to vent their disgust and call for the arrest of the Zimdancehall empress.

Skimbo filed a police report at St. Mary’s police station in Chitungwiza under RB #2824388 leading to the arrest of Tafadzwa Sikireta and Kelvin Gowe, both aged 19. Squanda and another accused person were then on the run.

The case went to court; Tafadzwa and Kelvin were convicted and given community service.

A few days later there were numerous suggestions that Squanda had left for Botswana until a week later when she surfaced in Cape Town in the company of promoter Jimmy Jimalo who indicated that he was going to assist her in getting anger management counseling.

The artist has released a few songs from her hideaway and also made a scornful attempt to apologise to her victim who rejected the apology as insincere as Squanda has composed some songs where she brags about her actions.

A few weeks ago Lady Squanda secretly slipped back into the country and resumed recording.

This clandestine return was confirmed in a Facebook posts by her longtime friend and producer Fidel Isaac a.k.a. DJ Fidel who took to the micro blogging site to announce that Squanda was in the studio recording.

A picture with the Zimdancehall artist complemented the post.


DJ Fidel announces Lady Squanda's return PIC: FACEBOOK SCREENSHOT
DJ Fidel announces Lady Squanda’s return PIC: FACEBOOK SCREENSHOT

This evidence was further corroborated by Skimbo who expressed his disappointment saying, “The police officers handling the case are not doing due diligence as I have since notified them of her return when I caught wind of it.

“Nothing to date has been done as she continues to walk freely(sic).”

“Her team has on numerous times(sic) attempted to pay me so that I can drop the charges but I want justice to be served and hope that happens.”

Skimbo released a comic video in which he alleged Squanda stole linen and underwear from a Kwekwe lodge after performing in the town at DJ Fidel’s party. The video unsettled the artist who teamed up with friends to retaliate.

Efforts to get a comment from Squanda were fruitless as her number was not going through.