Man kills himself in Magistrate’s house

A Chivi man who blamed a magistrate for bringing misery to him over a maintenance case doused himself with petrol and set himself ablaze in the magistrate’s spare bedroom last week.


The incident has left the Chivi community dumb-founded. Musiiwa Matembe went into the magistrate’s house and killed himself while Chivi resident Magistrate Bishard Chineka was waiting for him in court in order to pass judgement on a maintenance case.

It is alleged that Matembe blamed the magistrate for his suffering after he was taken to court by his former girlfriend. Matembe was initially ordered to pay $40 maintenance for the upkeep of his seven-month-old baby. This was then increased to $50, but he continued to pay only $40 for five months and accrued arrears amounting to $50. His former wife made a report to the police resulting in his arrest.

Police officers from Chivi who had got wind of his intention followed him to the magistrate ‘s house only to find out that he had taken his life. Masvingo police spokesman Assistant Inspector Nkululeko Nduna confirmed the incident.

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