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Published On: Wed, Aug 31st, 2016

Zimbabwe protesters ‘beaten very badly’

Harare – The ground floor of the filthy Harare Magistrate’s Court was on Tuesday crowded with anxious people wanting information about their relatives and friends, some of whom were viciously beaten up and wounded after they were arrested during last Friday’s anti-government demonstrations.

By peta Thornycroft

Many of those crowded in the dark corridors say they couldn’t afford the daily transport costs from their suburbs to the five-storey court complex on the western edge of the city, not far from the site of one of the demonstrations last Friday.

“We have been here for three days now,” said one.

“Since Saturday. We don’t have money for food and for the taxis to bring us here. We don’t know what has happened to our relatives

Lawyers said that more than a dozen people were injured after they were arrested during the demonstration, which turned into a riot.

Policemen dragged them to Zanu-PF headquarters and beat some of them very badly.

The Independent (SA)