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Published On: Fri, Aug 26th, 2016

‘Loving’ hubby offers wife everything

A MUTARE man offered all his earnings towards the upkeep of his ailing diabetic wife. Gibson Matambo, a war veteran and pensioner told the court that he was prepared to give every penny that he earns to his lawfully wedded wife, Doreen Matambo who had dragged him to Mutare Civil Courts praying for $90 monthly maintenance.

This was after Doreen had told the court that he was a drunkard who after taking a few beers would forget that she needed medication.

“Your Worship, the medicine I take needs money and last month I almost died because he spent all the money on beer. I pray that he be ordered to pay maintenance so that I am assured that I am safe,” she said.

To the court’s amazement, Gibson said he had no problems with Doreen being granted the maintenance. He even went on to order the court to grant her all the money that he earned.

Said Gibson: “Your Worship, whatever amount she is seeking, grant her because she is a loving wife and has been looking after my ailing mother regardless of the fact that she is also diabetic and needs medication constantly.

“I do not have a problem because since we married, she is the one who stays with my bank cards and withdraws the money from the bank.

“My wife is a loving spouse, Your Worship and I would not want her to suffer at my expense. I should provide for everything that she wants and that includes her medication as well as her financial needs.”

Gibson also told the court that because his take home pension was low, he was prepared to remove his children from his funeral policy as he needed to provide for his wife.

“Give her the amount that she needs even if it exceeds my take home pension because from here I am going to the funeral policy offices where I am going to make an application to remove my two children from the policy.

“The living can not live an impoverished life only because we need to be treated like kings on the day of our deaths,” he said.

Ms Ndiraya granted Matambo the $90 monthly spousal maintenance that she had applied for.

She, however, advised her to keep looking after her mother-in-law like what her husband had asked. – Manica Post