Realignment of laws should be expedited: Mnangagwa

The realignment of the country’s legislation with the constitution has been identified as key to the success of government’s economic programmes.

This emerged at a Ministry of Justice, Legal and Parliamentary Affairs meeting held in Gweru.

The embattled Acting President Emmerson Mnangagwa, who is also Justice, Legal and Parliamentary Affairs Minister, told delegates attending his  ministry’s strategic planning meeting in Gweru, that the expeditious alignment of laws to the constitution must be performed diligently and without delay.

Mnangagwa commended his ministry for the decentralisation of the legal aid directorate; an initiative he said should be expanded to rural areas to ensure legal services are accessible to every Zimbabwean.

Meanwhile, the ministry is crafting ways of dealing with the problem of crowding in the country’s prisons and is considering reducing the population in correctional centres.

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