‘He loves his mother more than me’

A MUTARE court was left stunned last week when a woman revealed that she had divorced her husband because he seemed to love his mother more than her. Yvonne Chigwanda said this while applying for $120 maintenance from her husband, Daniel Takawira, for the upkeep of their two-year-old child.


Mrs Yeukai Chigodora heard the matter. Chigwanda said Takawira was abandoning his child paying more attention to his extended family.

She claimed that he earned $350 at National Foods Limited where he is employed but spends the money on his mother.

“Your Worship, this man is ruthless and I left him because he gives his mother his salary, leaving us with nothing to survive on. He loves his mother more than me and our child. I am now seeking for the court’s intervention,” said Chigwanda.

In response, Takawira said his estranged wife was jealousy of the love he was showing to his parents and extended family.

It came out that he was not employed by National Foods and the court ordered him to pay $40 maintenance.

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