Married man finds lover in rival’s arms

THE court gallery was left shell shocked when a married man admitted to assaulting his extra-marital lover using a satellite dish holder after catching her pants down with a new lover.


Masimba Baradza (33) of Dangamvura was sentenced to 40 days imprisonment after he was convicted of two counts of assault by Mutare magistrate Langton Mukwengi. He however, was given a $70 fine option on both counts. Baradza pleaded guilty to assaulting Nyasha Kapikinyu and Matiza Makonese with a metal satellite dish holder. Mr Cuthbert Bhosha represented the state.

“Baradza assaulted Kapikinyu after finding her in bed with her boyfriend, one Matiza Makonese. He started accusing Kapikinyu of cheating on him and punched her on the face with fists and open palms. “When Makonese tried to rescue his girlfriend, Baradza picked a metal satellite dish holder and used it to assault both of them,” said Bhosha.

In his defence however, Baradza told the court that Kapikinyu was his extra-marital lover and the reason he had assaulted the pair was that he had caught them pants down in a room that he rents for Kapikinyu. “I acted angrily Your Worship because I am the one paying rentals for that room and Kapikinyu was even claiming that she was carrying my pregnancy.

“She had texted me asking for transport money alleging that she was in Harare so I was really angry when I found her in another man’s hands in Dangamvura. I took the nearest tool which is the satellite dish holder and struck both of them with it,” he explained. In his mitigation, Baradza told the court that he is a lawfully married man who runs a flea market.

Makonese and Kapikinyu did not sustain any serious injuries. “I am giving you a lighter fine because the medical reports indicate that the degree of force used was moderate and therefore no serious injuries,” said Mg Mukwengi. Baradza was also ordered to pay the $70 fine by December 15, 2015.

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