Robert Mugabe’s Minister Mombeshora sued

HARARE – Lands and Rural Resettlement Minister, Dr Douglas Mombeshora has been dragged to court through summons by a poultry concern for allegedly failing to honour a business deal worth US$25 000.

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Crest Poultry Group which trades as Suncrest Chickens has dragged Dr Mombeshora to the High Court through summons suing him for allegedly not honouring a grower agreement where he was supposed to rear chickens and supply them to the company.

In its declaration placed before the court, Suncrest Chickens alleges that the poultry concern supplied the defendant Mombeshora with chicks, food and chemicals to rear chickens which were supposed to be delivered to the company within 42 days or at an average weight of 1.8 kgs.

The poultry company further contends that the defendant failed to supply the required amount of chickens to offset the supplied goods and an amount of US$24 000 is outstanding leading to the institution of legal proceedings.

The plaintiff prays for an order instructing the payment of the US$24 000 together with 5 percent interest from date of issue of summons to date of final payment plus legal costs.

The matter has since been referred for trial where it a determination will be reached to bring it to finality. – zbc

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