Man demands sex from daughter

A SEX starved man who demanded sexual favours on several occasions from his married daughter was left licking wounds after the daughter let the cat out of the bag in court. Aaron Maina’s protection order application against his daughter, Delia Maina turned sour after Delia revealed to the court that he had on several occasions asked for sexual favours from her claiming that sleeping with him was the only remedy to her barrenness.


Delia went on to tell the court that after she had refused his sexual advances, Aaron advised her husband to divorce her saying she was barren.

“Before he gave me a divorce token, my ex-husband told me that my father was the one who was behind it all since he had told him that I was a barren tree which could never produce fruits.

“During my first marriage, whenever I visited my father he would ask me to have sex with him and he always gave me the reason that it was the only solution to my problem.

“He stated that the moment I slept with him, I would become pregnant, but I never gave in to his requests and that is the reason he destroyed my marriage I think,” she said much to the court’s amazement.

Aaron did not respond to any of the allegations, instead he told the court that he was head of a crazy and weird family. He claimed that Delia at one time had attacked him with a machete resulting in him losing consciousness.

“At one time she robbed me of my phone. She even assaulted me and I thank God that I am alive because people who heard me screaming came to my rescue.

“As I speak Your Worship my right eye is now blind and my right leg no longer functions well because of Delia’s unprovoked attacks.

“I pray that the court should grant me the protection order against my aggressive and violent offspring,” he begged.
Aaron went on to tell the court that at one time Delia had confronted him accusing him of causing her bareness.

“She dragged me to prophets. I reluctantly obliged because she had attacked me as well as threatening me with more harm if I had refused to comply with her instructions.

“I was cleared of any wrongdoings by her so-called prophets.
“They openly told her that I was clean and she apologised for having assaulted and falsely accusing me of bewitching her,” he narrated.

However, Delia dismissed her father’s claims and said he had been told by the prophets to stop his habit of sleeping with his daughters using mubobobo.

Despite Delia’s protests against the granting of the protection order, Mutare magistrate, Mrs Yeukai Chigodora granted the order to Aaron Maini and ordered her to stop any acts of violence against her father. – Manica Post

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