Woman trades sex for bread with hubby’s bestie

IT took two loaves of bread and five fish to feed 5 000 people in the Bible, but it took two loaves of bread for a Gokwe man to have sex with his best friend’s wife.

There was hardly a shortage of bread at the Ncube homestead in Maseru Village under Chief Nemangwe in Gokwe, partly because Diamond Ncube’s wife Aleta would bring two loaves home every time she came from having sex with her husband’s best friend and neighbour Obert Chikunichawa.

The matter came to light when Chikunichawa was caught red-handed by his wife Rudo Chikunichawa having sex with Aleta Ncube in the bush.

After being caught in the act, Obert ran away leaving his girlfriend at the mercy of his angry wife Rudo.

The two exchanged harsh words which led to a fight. Rudo then told Aleta’s husband Diamond Ncube about Obert and Aleta’s relationship. Ncube took the matter to Headman Dzingai who forwarded it to Chief Nemangwe.

A source, Pikisayi Maparadza said Aleta confessed to having a relationship with Obert when she appeared before Chief Nemangwe’s traditional court.

“Aleta confessed before Chief Nemangwe’s traditional court that she was sleeping with Obert. She also told the court that she had to sleep with him since she wanted bread for her children which her husband could not afford to buy everyday,” said Maparadza.

Aleta also said that Obert gave her two loaves of bread each time they had sex.

“She also revealed that for each sex session, she would be given two loaves of bread by Obert or a $1 since each loaf costs 50c,” said Maparadza.

Ncube demanded to be compensated with four cows by Obert, but Chief Nemangwe ordered Obert to pay three cows for bedding Ncube’s wife.

Chief Nemangwe confirmed the matter. – B-Metro

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