Sex tape earns woman wedding

AFTER their sex tapes leaked, some went on to become celebrities and now a married Bulawayo woman whose sex tape, recorded while cheating on her husband, has earned her a white wedding.

Bhadi Karimbi, after learning what his wife Bongani Ndlovu was up to with their close friend and tenant Luxon Marufu, decided to give her a white wedding.

“We are planning a big wedding,” he said.

When B-Metro published a story last week about the sex tape, Karimbi summoned his wife and Marufu for a sit down. They confessed to have been sleeping together.

“I had doubts that my wife could do such a thing but when I sat them down they confessed they are the ones on the sex tape. She asked for forgiveness and considering that we have spent 10 years together I had to forgive her,” he said.

In the sex tape Ndlovu is heard saying:

“This is yours, I love you, I love, I love you,” to her co-star Marufu.

Karimbi said in the real world at some point couples will cheat. Therefore, he accepts what happened.

“Many couples cheat and when one is caught they brush it aside to preserve their marriage and for the good of the children. For your own information, a friend of mine caught his wife in bed with another man but he forgave her,” he said.

Ndlovu who was thankful that her husband had forgiven her spoke to B-Metro freely.

“I’m really thankful to my husband for forgiving me. Luxon was a family friend and to say the truth, I don’t know why I did it. I‘m happy that we are going ahead with our wedding plan,” she said.

Now out in the cold, Marufu insulted B Metro for writing the initial story.

“F***** y*** s**** why did you write the story in the first place?” before he cut the call. – B-Metro

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