Businesslady, tenant sex tape leaks

HE only discovered his wife was cheating on him with a close friend after receiving a call from B-Metro.

Bhadi Karimbi’s wife Bongani Ndlovu cheated on him with Luxon “Obama” Marufu, a tenant at their flea market stall in Emganwini suburb in Bulawayo.

Karimbi deals in cement and clothing bales while Marufu sells computers and phones in a rented corner at the same shop.

When Karimbi is up and about town pushing his hustle, his wife spends the whole day at the shop where the affair blossomed.

The two lovers would play it “smart” whenever they got on about their sexual liaison, booking into lodges and hotels in the city centre away from the local public that knows them.

However, Marufu is a character and a half. He would record most of the sexual acts without Ndlovu’s knowledge. As fate would have it, the sex tapes leaked and Karimbi was the last to know about them.

This reporter got in touch with Marufu who physically came to the B-Metro offices to give his comment.

“She used to pay for hotel expenses and I would go there just for sex. We did it on several occasions. To say the truth I didn’t pay a cent for all the night outs,” he said.

He recorded the escapades for his own thrill and pleasure whenever he thought of his married girlfriend.

“Wangu (my friend), I was doing it for my private collection. I don’t know how they leaked but I suspect some people who work for me got hold of them,” he added.

The cheating wife Bongani Ndlovu shouted at B-Metro for calling her.

“Why are you calling me, why do you do such things? As a family we are very close to Obama . . . but why?” she asked.

Karimbi expressed shock.

“What are you talking about? My wife and Luxon, it can’t be. I will come and see that sex tape,” he said.

However, he developed cold feet then called to say he wouldn’t make the trip to B-Metro offices.

“My brother, I can’t come there right now. Can’t you come and see me later?” he said.

In the sex tape Marufu kisses Ndlovu passionately while fondling her breasts as he anchors for her neck. Thereafter, he goes down to her privates to stroke them slowly much to her pleasure moans.

Ndlovu takes over and goes for his privates and she gives them an oral job, forcing Marufu to look up to the ceiling as he utters words in a hush voice. The foreplay goes on for roughly four minutes before they have unprotected sex.

They change positions but for what it’s worth, it’s a D Grade sex tape.

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