Couple in church hanky panky

THE only free accommodation we could find for our sexual escapades was the church . . .

The above shocking revelations were made by a Zvishavane man who was found in the act with his girlfriend at AFM Church.

Admire Shava was arrested after being caught pants down with his girlfriend at a church in daylight.

The congregants had realised that someone had turned their church into a sex haven. They, therefore, teamed up and proceeded to church during the day and caught the culprits.

Shava, of no fixed abode, was hauled before Zvishavane magistrate Shepherd Mjanja and he pleaded guilty to the charge of unlawful entry.

He shocked the court when he shamelessly revealed that he had no accommodation to go and have sex with his girlfriend and therefore thought of going to the church.

The court heard that on 25 February at around 3pm, one of the congregants Douglas Tsorai found a blanket in the church showing that there was someone who was sleeping there unlawfully.

He then informed other congregants and they ordered the caretaker to secure the premises.

On 26 February at around 5pm, the congregants in the company of the caretaker then teamed up and proceeded to the church with the intention of hiding and waiting for the culprit staying there.

To their surprise, they found Shava and his girlfriend having a pleasurable moment in the holy place with both of them naked.

The girlfriend managed to escape naked and Shava was handed over to police.

Shava was convicted on his own plea of guilty to nine months imprisonment. Three months which was suspended last year on condition of good behaviour was brought into effect. – B-Metro

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