Cheating woman forced to sleep in toilet after being impregnated by lover

A cheating Bulawayo woman has been sleeping in the toilet (pictured above) with her baby for almost three months because her husband chased her out of the house after she got impregnated by her boyfriend.

Pholani Moyo from Mpopoma suburb said she spent many of her nights huddled on the floor of the toilet with her baby while braving the nasty smell emanating from the lavatory.

She said she had decided to use the loo as an alternative bedroom after her husband Fortunate Ndlovu chucked her out of their matrimonial house for being unfaithful.

Moyo’s predicament of putting up in the toilet was heard at the Bulawayo Civil Court where she wanted the court to compel her husband to allow her back into the house.

“I am customarily married to Fortunate Ndlovu and we have two children together. My husband is now abusing me. He chased me out of the house and as a result I have been sleeping in the toilet with a month-old baby.

“He is also refusing me entry to the house to take my clothes and get food. I have been sleeping in the toilet since December last year. The abuse started after I had a baby by my boyfriend since he (husband) was refusing to sleep with me. I want the court to assist me by granting an order that compels him to bring me back into the house since I don’t have anywhere to go,” pleaded Moyo.

Fortunate Ndlovu

Fortunate Ndlovu

In response her husband told the court that he was no longer interested in staying with her because she had a baby with another man.

“I can’t stay with her anymore since she had another man’s baby. I didn’t chase her from the house but she left on her own on 23 December last year. This was after I had confronted her over her pregnancy which she was hiding from me.

“I was surprised when I was phoned by police from Western Commonage congratulating me saying my wife had a new born baby. When I went there they asked me to take her home but I refused despite the fact that she also apologised saying the man who had impregnated her had deserted her,” he said.

Ndlovu repeatedly said he would not forgive his wife for betraying his trust by sleeping with another man at the time she was also denying him his conjugal rights.

In his ruling the presiding magistrate Sheunesu Matova dismissed Moyo’s application saying it was impossible to compel her husband to take her back when he was no longer interested in her.

The magistrate, however, ordered Ndlovu to allow Moyo to take all her belongings before granting him temporary custody of their two children.

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