Wife dumps hubby for bestie

WE can’t do without friends because they are a family we choose and people we make memories that last a lifetime with.

But not for a Bulawayo man Aaron Joshua, he would rather do without them after his best friend Tendai Magasa betrayed his trust by allegedly romping with his wife of 17 years until she dumped him.

Aaron Joshua from Montgomery said from the time his wife slept with Magasa she started admiring him so much to an extent that she finally deserted him so that they can freely enjoy their relationship.

This emerged at the Bulawayo Civil Court where a seemingly well endowed Magasa was seeking a peace order against Joshua claiming he was harassing him as punishment for sleeping with his wife.

“Aaron Joshua started being violent towards me after he discovered that I was having an affair with his wife. We tried to settle the matter as friends but to no avail.

“One day he came to my house while I was asleep threatening to kill me saying he was looking for his wife. He went on to destroy some of my property and as a result of his threats I am now living in fear,” said Magasa.

In response Joshua said he did it out of pain after he discovered that he was sharing his wife with someone he had long regarded as his best friend.

“I am not disputing that I went to his place of residence and there is a reason why I did that. Magasa is my long time friend and I was angry that he was having an affair with my wife.

“Because of him my wife of 17 years who I have six children with dumped me. I am pained and as someone who is not married he should look for his own wife rather than preying on other people’s wives,” responded Joshua.

He said he was convinced that Magasa was now living with his wife because when he went to his place of residence he refused to open the door for him before he jumped out his bedroom through the window.

Presiding magistrate Sithembile Ncube in her ruling however, ordered Joshua not to be violent towards his friend and not go to his place of residence. – B-Metro

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