Man cheats five wives with one of his mother-in-laws, sister-in-law and niece

RECORDS are there to be broken and here is a jaw-dropping tale of a Bulawayo sex maniac that will likely stand the test of time.

Morgan Ncube (60) seems to have broken a sexual record when it emerged that he cheated on his five wives when he decided to bed one of his mothers-in law, sister in-law and 18-year-old niece behind their back.

Ncube’s weird bed-hopping antics came to light last week on Sunday after his niece in question he had taken for a sexual sojourn came home late after she left home on the pretext of going to a church service.

It is reported that all hell broke loose after the girl from Tshabalala suburb was confronted by her father Davison Shumba and confessed that she had been with Ncube the whole day.

Following her confession, a family meeting was later convened and other shocking details emerged that Ncube was also in the habit of sleeping with one of his wives’ mother and younger sister.

When B-Metro caught up with Shumba he opened up saying he was at a loss of words that Ncube was not only cheating on his five wives with his daughter but also with one of his wives’ mother and younger sister.

“It’s a shame. I didn’t want to talk about this matter since it was solved at family level but I just felt justice was not done for my daughter.

“What happened is that last Sunday she eft home on the pretext that she was going to church and she came back home late. I became suspicious and questioned her. That’s when she revealed that she spent the whole day with Ncube outside the city adding that they had been sleeping together for a long time.

“Having the feeling that Ncube was abusing my daughter we went to the police where it emerged that the two had been in love and the police referred us back home saying the matter should be solved at family level,” said Shumba, trembling with anger.

He said at the family meeting that is when it emerged that Ncube was also in the habit of sleeping with one of his wives Gladys Moyo’s mother and sister-in law.

At the same meeting his sister -in-law also confessed that she started sleeping with Ncube when her sister left her in the custody of her children while going to South Africa.

A broken-hearted Moyo who had since deserted Ncube also poured out her heart to B-Metro saying she would never forgive Ncube for bedding her biological mother.

“Ncube betrayed my trust by sleeping with my own mother. Just imagine I caught him red-handed having sex with my mother and I decided to just leave them without creating a scene. I don’t want to see him again in my life,” said Moyo.

One of Ncube’s relatives who preferred anonymity for fear of victimisation said Ncube was a “womaniser” and they suspected that he was using juju to lure women.

“This is a super story and family members are afraid to talk about it. Ncube is a womaniser and we are even scared that one day he will go after our daughters and wives because it seems as if he uses juju to lure women,” said a relative.

When B-Metro contacted Ncube who has since relocated to Zvishavane after the embarrassing incident he was evasive.

“I won’t say anything and cannot discuss my marital life with the press, after all the matter was dealt by the police so what do you want,” he said before hanging up his phone. – B-Metro

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