Hubby neglects bedroom duties . . . wife turns to prostitution

A HOB-HOUSE woman stunned the court when she revealed that her husband’s failure to perform his bedroom duties for the past four years had led her into promiscuity.

Lucia Mutetwa said her husband, Alex Mudhara, had neglected his bedroom duties of satisfying her sexually, leaving her with no option, but to look for a lover and get satisfaction.

All this was revealed after Mudhara had dragged Mutetwa to Mutare Civil Court praying for a protection order which bars her from visiting his city and rural homes. The pair appeared before Ms Anniah Ndiraya.

Mutetwa did not oppose Mudhara’s application and denied that he had caught her red-handed with her lover in their matrimonial bed. Rather, she said their loveless marriage had led to her looking for more pleasures outside her marriage.

“Your Worship, I cheated on him because it had been four years since we had been intimate. I am human and have sexual needs which needed to be fulfilled by him as my husband, but he completely ignored them.

Lucia Mutetwa
Lucia Mutetwa

“All this forced me to find someone else to satisfy me as it was so clear that I no longer mattered to him,” she said.

She, however, insisted that she was still staying with Mudhara at his rural home and visited their Hob-House home where her children stay with their father and a maid.

In his application, Mudhara had told the court that he had evicted Mutetwa from his house in the presence of her father and sister after he had caught her pants down with another man.

He said: “This woman is very violent and I have had enough of her. I caught her in bed with another man and threw her out of my house.

“As we speak, the child that she has is not mine. She, however, keeps coming back, demanding to stay at my place. She also threatens to poison and kill me.

“When I asked her to leave my house, her lover came and threatened me with unspecified actions,” said the distraught Mudhara.

Mutetwa who has sired another child with her new lover remained adamant and insisted that she was still married to Mudhara. Ms Ndiraya granted the protection order against Mutetwa which bars her from harassing, threatening and abusing Mudhara. The order, however, does not bar Mutetwa from visiting their Hob-house.

Ms Ndiraya, however, advised Mudhara to divorce Mutetwa customarily and apply for an eviction order if he wanted her out of both his houses. – Manica Post

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