Nkosana Moyo ‘considering’ comeback

Former Industry minister Nkosana Moyo is one of the few leaders who resigned from President Robert Mugabe’s failing government citing frustration at the lack of direction and the penchant to violate human rights.

the big interview BY SILAS NKALA

Nkosana Moyo
Nkosana Moyo

Mugabe reacted angrily to Moyo’s dramatic departure from his Cabinet, lashing out that the respected technocrat had no spine.

However, Moyo earned the respect of many Zimbabweans for his bravery and speaking truth to power.

As a result, his name continuously pops up whenever there are discussions about people who can lead Zimbabwe out of the hell hole that Mugabe pushed the country into.

Moyo has also become vocal on issues affecting ordinary Zimbabweans, sparking speculation that this time he could be taking the calls seriously. Mugabe’s government has indicated that it watches each and every step he takes.

Our reporter Silas Nkala (SN) on Friday had a chat with Moyo on a number of issues and below are excerpts of the interview.

SN: Information minister Chris Mushowe recently launched a scathing attack on you, saying you are a coward among other things after you criticised the government’s performance. Were you surprised by the reaction?

NM: No, I was not. Unfortunately for him, he has to be seen to sing for his supper.

SN: Mugabe said you had no spine when you resigned from government in a huff and now one of his ministers says you are a coward. What is your reaction to such statements?

NM: The cowards are those who stay although they can see they are doing nothing for the people. They are afraid to leave.

SN: Do you regret resigning from Mugabe’s government at a time the country was pinning its hopes on technocrats like you that had been brought in to save the collapsing economy?

NM: Not at all. My presence would have served no purpose since Zanu PF was doing things I did not believe in. I would say history has proved me right.

SN: What would you say was the last straw which made you decide to walk away?

NM: The way the land reform was being implemented. Again looking back now, I am sure you would agree it was the correct thing to do.

SN:  As you reflect on your time in government, is there anything that you think you could have done differently?
NM: There was no such possibility, that is why I left.

SN:  How do you rate Mugabe as a leader? Is it fair to blame him for all the problems that Zimbabwe is facing?

NM: I prefer not to get personal but I can say in that position I would have done things differently and the country would not be where it is today.

SN: Your name has been mentioned at different platforms as a potential leader of a so-called third force (an alternative opposition party) to contest next year’s elections. Are you planning to make a comeback into politics?

NM:  I am considering it.

SN: In the past few months you have become very vocal about Zimbabwe on social media. What is driving you to speak out?

NM: The worsening economic situation.

SN: What do you think is stalling political and economic change in Zimbabwe?

NM: Lack of appropriate leadership.

SN: What role do you see yourself playing in Zimbabwe as an academic and former minister?

NM: If I don’t get into active politics, I will definitely be an active and participative citizen. It is my right and responsibility.

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