Stephen Hawking: Technology will kill us all unless humans control their aggressive instincts

13th March 2017 Staff Reporter 0

We’re at two and a half minutes to midnight on the Doomsday Clock. An aggressive, nationalistic populism is sweeping through the Western world. As the writer Martin Amis puts it, history feels like it’s speeding […]

Farming & Enviroment

How much worse are African droughts because of man-made climate change?

7th February 2017 Staff Reporter 3

The once-fertile fields of South Africa’s Western Cape region are filled with scorched patches of earth, dying plants, and wasted crops. The scene is now common throughout eastern and southern Africa, as droughts for three […]

Health & Fitness

Male contraceptive gel works in monkeys – but human trials are still way off

7th February 2017 Staff Reporter 9

A male contraceptive gel has been found to be effective in rhesus monkeys, providing long-term and reliable birth control in 16 adult male monkeys. The breakthrough technique involves injecting Vasalgel into the duct which conveys […]

Farming & Enviroment

Underutilized crops championed at local University

31st December 2016 Staff Reporter 15

Horticulture researchers at the Crop Science Department, University of Zimbabwe are creating a buzz about traditional tuber crops. After tasting some of the products being promoted by the department at last year’s food festival, Naturally […]

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