Telecom group Econet plans to be alternative to MultiChoice

15th January 2017 Staff Reporter 0

Econet Group is building a broadcasting empire that could challenge MultiChoice’s dominance in the payTV market across the continent. In less than two years, Econet Media, a subsidiary of Econet, which houses the broadcasting platform […]


Speculation over whether overheating phone caused fire that brought down EgyptAir flight MS804

13th January 2017 Staff Reporter 0

French authorities investigating the EgyptAir crash that killed 66 people are said to be looking into whether the plane was brought down by an overheating phone battery. According to Le Parisian, a source within the […]


ICT Minister Supa Mandiwanzira backs off from data tariff increases

12th January 2017 Staff Reporter 1

The Minister of ICT, Supa Mandiwanzira has just issued a statement announcing the suspension of tariff increases on mobile data. The suspension follows a major outcry from consumers following an activation of floor prices on mobile […]

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